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The Humane Society of Chittenden County's Community Pet Clinic (CPC) provides low-cost preventative veterinary care services to owned cats and dogs in Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties. The CPC exists to prevent and alleviate undue suffering in companion animals whose caretakers would otherwise be unable to provide medical care. Out of respect for our clients, and out of concern of creating barriers to service when documentation is challenging, we operate the clinic on an honor system. If you can otherwise afford to provide care for your pet, please obtain that care from one of our excellent community veterinarians.

Care received at HSCC’s Community Pet Clinic is made possible by donations intended to create a safety net for those who need it, so that no pet or person suffers. If you would like to support the Community Pet Clinic, please click here.

The CPC provides the following services:
  • Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics for cats and dogs (under 75 pounds) are held each Monday & Friday at HSCC, by appointment only. Basic vaccinations (rabies and distemper) are included in the surgery cost, as well as flea treatment, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Microchips can also be implanted for an additional cost.
  • Low Cost Wellness Clinics are held each Wednesday at our new satellite location (Old North End Veterinary Clinic), by appointment only. Vaccines, flea/tick treatment, de-wormer, microchips, and minor diagnostic tests/treatments are also available. Please note that for your pet's safety, a wellness exam is required before vaccines can be given.  
Please CLICK HERE for a full description of each wellness service
  • Must be a resident of Chittenden or Grand Isle County
  • For the reduced pricing tier, you must meet our financial guidelines. We ask that you report your annual family income and your family size to determine if you qualify for the reduced pricing tier.

Clinic_financial_guides_and_services.png*Please keep in mind that HSCC is NOT a full service veterinary clinic* We cannot provide care for emergency situations, and while we are able to diagnose and treat minor medical issues, we may refer you to another veterinary partner if your animal’s condition is beyond our ability to treat. We reserve the right to refuse vaccination or surgery if an animal has severe health issues found on examination that make surgery or vaccination unsafe, if your animal’s behavior makes handling by staff dangerous, or if your dog’s weight exceeds 75 pounds. If you have multiple pets coming in, we may not be able to provide services for all of them on the same day.

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*Please note that you will see the higher service pricing when you schedule an online appointment, but if you meet the financial guidelines, you will only be charged the reduced price at the time of your appointment.

Questions about the CPC? Please give us a call at 802-862-0135 ext. 19 or email

The CPC is one of our Surrender Prevention Programs, which help keep animals in their homes with the people who love them whenever possible. Click here to learn more about other programs & services and visit our Resources page for information on a variety of pet care topics.