1. Look through the dogs on our website and find a dog you’re interested in.

2. Fill out HSCC's Dog Adopter Profile (may also be done during your visit, but submitting it online saves time!)

3. Meet with an Adoption Counselor to discuss your profile and the dog you are interested in to find a potential match.

4. Meet the dog! Take them for a walk or spend some time in our play yard.

5. Still interested? An Adoption Counselor will discuss the dog’s medical history and go over general dog care and training tips.

6. Make it official! All HSCC dogs are now available for Foster-To-Adopt* which allows you to take the dog home for 1 week before adopting. Ready to adopt? You can pay the adoption fee, sign the contract, and take your new dog home or place a hold and come back within 24 hours to finish the process. Please note that all dogs must leave with a leash and collar (available for sale at HSCC).

*Foster-To-Adopt is available for Vermont residents only. Residents of other states are welcome to adopt.

Not able to adopt? The Heart to Heart program allows you to symbolically sponsor an animal in HSCC’s care while they wait for their new family. This is a great option for those who have room in their heart, if not in their home, to support HSCC and the more than 1,300 animals we care for each year. If the animal you sponsor is adopted during your month of support, your donation will carry to their furry friends still in our care. Click here to sponsor an animal today. 

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