Supplies for our resident cats, dogs, and small animals cost us about $20,000 a year.
Donations of pet supplies are a big help!

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Purchase items from Pet Food Warehouse and they will deliver to HSCC!  

You can also purchase items from our Veehoo Wishlist.

Please see below for a list of items we are currently in need of

Donations can be shipped or brought to our shelter at 142 Kindness Court in South Burlington. You can drop them off in person any time (donations can be left on the donation bench outside our front doors), or stop by during our open lobby hours if you would like a donation receipt.


  • Delicious dog treats like Zukes, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Beggin' Strips, Pup-Peroni, Old Mother Hubbard biscuits, or single ingredients treats
  • Cat food (canned & dry) to feed our many feline residents - Friskies and Fancy Feast are favorites, and Fussie Cat or Reveal are always good to have on hand for our picky eaters
  • Dog food (canned & dry) for our many hungry dog friends - Purina is always a popular choice, and our dogs especially love canned food with meat and gravy
  • Unscented, non-clumping kitty litter for our feline friends
  • Cleaning supplies like paper towels, disposable gloves, small bottles of hand soap, and drawstring kitchen trash bags
  • Kitten food (wet, dry, and KMR) to help our littlest meows grow strong
  • Long-lasting chew treats like Elk Antlers and nylabones give dogs something fun to do during quiet time in their kennels (NO rawhide, please!)
  • Kong spray or spray cheese, as a special treat during medical check-ins or to help our nervous friends overcome scary situations
  • Canned chicken, which is good for a bland "upset tummy diet" and appealing to picky eaters
  • Feliway and Adaptil diffuser refills for our cats and dogs to reduce or prevent stress related behavior in the shelter setting. You can purchase these diffuser refills from our Amazon Wish List
  • Clean straw for our outdoor feral cat shelters to keep them warm and comfortable

Other Wish List Items:   

  • Tough, durable dog toys (for heavy-duty chewers), such as Buster Cubes and Busy Balls
  • Catnip
  • Wet puppy food (Purina Pro Plan and Blue Buffalo are popular with our pups!
  • Small martingale collars (to keep our small doggos safe and sound on their walkies)
  • Frontline Plus flea treatment
  • Tomahawk Live traps (cat-sized, for our TNR work) - click here to purchase
  • Greens for small animals (leafy green lettuce, dandelion greens, chard, kale, etc.)
  • Timothy hay for our rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Procollar and Bite Not plastic collars for cats and dogs: In a continued effort to make every animal's stay here as comfortable as possible, HSCC is trying to move away from standard e-collars (coned shaped) that are bulky, awkward, noisy, and difficult to eat and drink with. Follow the links below to learn more about the inflatable ring and the plastic collar:
    • Procollar - Soft, comfortable, inflatable collar for post-surgery protection. We need all sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large
    • Bite Not - Offered in both dog and cat sizes. 5", 6", and 7" preferred

Items we are not currently accepting:

  • Pillows
  • Linens including sheets, towels, and blankets
  • Small animal equipment or enclosures
  • Used litter boxes
  • Wire crates
  • Cat/dog beds
  • Stuffed animals/children's toys

Thank you for thinking of us! We hope you will consider bringing these items to your local donation center.

Have a question about items to donate? 

Send us an email at!