The Heart to Heart program allows you to symbolically sponsor an animal in HSCC’s care while they wait for their new family. This is a great option for those who have room in their heart, if not in their home, to support HSCC and the more than 1,400 animals we care for each year. If the animal you sponsor is adopted during your month of support, your donation will carry to their furry friends still in our care.

Thank you to our current Heart to Heart Sponsors!

Cat Sponsors: Michelle Metzler, Julie DeCuypere (recurring), Mary Beth Campbell (in memory of Charlie), Darlene Ross, Richard Shea (recurring), Kristin Leavitt, Marcia Welsh, Ruth Ring (in memory of Geronimo - recurring), Margaret Lange, Christine Levitin-Breyette (in honor of Betty White), Emily LaPlant (in honor of Betty White), Rob Parzych (in memory of Oscar - recurring), Zoey Lafaso, Evelyn McFarlane (in memory of Pedro), Gretchen Nareff (recurring), Karina Dunigan, Marie Johnson (in memory of Jeffers - recurring), Kathleen Tarkington (in honor of Jace), and Shawna Cross (in honor of Samuel Carlson).

Dog Sponsors: Emily Bullis (in honor of Lizzy Isaacoff), Makk Lawrence (in honor of Shana Mleko - recurring), Virginia Gellman, Rose & Gerry Fennan (in honor of Mocha - recurring), Rose Solomon, Raquel Lefebvre (in memory of Buster & George), Claire MacQueen (in honor of Roxy & Penny), and Susan Hughes.

Small Animal Sponsors: Carmen & Mayra Alvarez (recurring), Eliza Kent, Jeana Jones, and Alyson DAndrea.