RDF_Logo_2_2021.pngThe Humane Society of Chittenden County’s main goal is to keep pets with the people who love them and the cost of medical care remains a top reason why pets are relinquished. To help members of our community avoid having to part ways with their beloved companions, HSCC's Rainy Day Fund offers financial assistance for Chittenden and Grand Isle County residents who are unable to pay for their pet's unanticipated emergency medical treatment. This service is completely donor-funded and truly makes a difference in the lives of people & their pets.

The HSCC Rainy Day Fund is an Emergency Grant for Surgical Procedures (not to exceed $1,500 per family per year, based on first time receiving service, contingent on program funding and request for assistance).

To qualify for the HSCC Rainy Day Fund, one must:

  • Provide proof of Chittenden or Grand Isle County residency.
  • Provide proof of limited or fixed income (SSI / Disability / pay stub).
  • Agree to work with HSCC to have family pet receiving assistance to be spayed or neutered.
  • Agree to inform HSCC if financial status changes such that assistance is no longer needed.
  • The Rainy Day Fund is intended for future veterinary care/procedures. As such, we are unable to reimburse for veterinary procedures that have already been completed.
  • Agree to have surgery done at HSCC or with one of HSCC’s established veterinary partners, if your pet requires surgery that we are unable to do ourselves.

Please note that chronic medical conditions and medications are not eligible for Rainy Day Fund assistance.

To apply for the Rainy Day Fund, please complete the form below or call our Community Pet Clinic scheduling line at (802) 923-9028.

Apply for the Rainy Day Fund:

Applicant's name
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Home phone
Cell phone
Work phone
Email address
Home address
Mailing Address (if different from Home Address)
Combined monthly income (before taxes):
Source of income (e.g. Employed, Unemployed, Disability, SSI, etc.):
Number of members in household:
Please tell us about your pet by listing their name, pet type (cat, dog, etc.), age, male or female, and if they are spayed or neutered:
Reason(s) you are applying for pet care assistance:
You have provided HSCC with proof of residence, and proof of income:

If you would like to support the Rainy Day Fund with a donation, please click here.